• How much line should I put on my rod?

Ans: We recommend putting on a length of level line that equals the length of the rod when fully extended (5 feet for the Tiny Ten and 8 feet for the Tiny Ten 2). To that we recommend tying whatever length of 5 or 6x tippet that enables you to perform a bow and arrow cast effectively.


  • What size water can I fish with your rods?

 Ans: Our rods were designed to fish creeks that were too small and overgrown for any other fly fishing rod. As a general rule of thumb, the Tiny Ten was made to fish creeks that average being 5 feet wide,  while the Tiny Ten 2 can fish larger creeks being about 8 feet wide. All that being said, you can still use our rods to fish ponds or even off docks, you may just have to get creative with your line length and cast.


  • What size fish can your rod handle?

Ans: Our rods have been weight tested up to 1.5 lbs. This equates to a 15 inch trout. We recommend you use 5 or 6x tippet when fishing our rods. The tippet will break long before your rod will.


  • Do you guys sell flies?

Ans: Sadly we do not. We recommend going to your local fly shop and asking what flies work best for your area. However, our founder's favorite flies for western trout fishing are elk hair caddis, parachute adams, chubby chernobyl, and blue wing olives. Size: 18 or 20.


  • What is covered by the limited lifetime warranty?

Ans: Any defects in the rod due to craftsmanship or resulting from normal usage. Common damages NOT covered by warranty: A stuck section as a result of inserting a section inverted, stuck section as a result of improperly extending rod (please don’t whip out rod like a toy lightsaber or pocket baton), breakage as a result of stepping on rod, breakage as a result of dropping rod.


  • How do I take apart the rod?

Ans: Unscrew the cap at the butt of the rod and pull sections out of each other. Please take special care when reassembling the rod to not insert sections inverted. The wider end of the section can be identified by a slightly worn band around the base where that section seats in the top of the preceding section. Remember that sections should be able to be literally dropped into one another. You will never have to force a section through.


  • Where are your rods made?

Ans: Our rods are designed in the US (Colorado more specifically) and made in China.


  • Do you have wholesale pricing?

Ans: Yes we do, please email Tinytenkara@gmail.com for pricing info.